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Monday, May 21, 2018

Port Harcourt Dog Walk, 2018 (Best In Africa)

The garden city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State was dotted in blue and canines on the 17th February, 2018. As early as 6:30AM, the enthusiastic dog lovers and breeders of Port Harcourt City had filed out to grace the much publicized Port Harcourt Dog Walk, 2018 hosted by the Kennel Club of Rivers. Just like the previous year’s walk, that of this year took a surprising trust in terms of both numbers and organization.

The event was in two phases. The first being the dog walk procession and the second, after dog walk event. The procession kicked off a little bit after the schedule 7:00AM mark. The kick off point was Hotel Presidential Estate Junction. The procession witnessed a monumental number of attendees. Leading the walk were the toy breeds which includes the Lhasa apsos and Samoyed alongside their handlers, the German Shepherds, Caucasians, Rottweiler s, Boerboels and a few others breeds like the Great Danes, Russian Terriers and An American Pit Bull Terrier.

Shutters Studios, an event covering agency was the sole agency given the right of cover the event. The walk was also covered aerially using a Drone (courtesy of Fixgadget) there was a live streaming and blogging of the event by Portharcourt-in-pictures. Music was also used to add style to the walk as the dog-walkers all on blue T-shirts created with KCR logo swayed and danced to the rhythm of the songs and demonstration of the MC. Onlookers were equally glued to their standing and sitting spots with mouth opened and thoughts of awe going through their heads. Aba Dog Breeders Association were also present to add a tint of red to the walk. The procession finally came to a halt at about 10:30AM at the Peace Park Garden, opposite Air Force Base Junction, Port Harcourt.

The second phase of the event kicked off after modalities were put in place. Pictures of various breeds were taken in an organized fashion. From the lhasas, to the German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Boerboels, to the Caucasians and Great Danes to the Exotic Russian Terriers and American Pit bull Terriers.

Special quests at the events were :

1. Bar. Chukwudi Odili- President Port Harcourt kennel club.

2. Mr. Onyekachi Omenuko- President German shepherd federation of Nigeria.

3. Mr. Loknan Dumbin(Eldee)- Head of Operations Rythm 93.7fm Port Harcourt.

4. Dr. Nathaniel Bakura- President NVMA Rivers state Chapter.

5. Hon. Fubara Imangs

6. Mr. Masibau Rufai- Dreamnest kennel/Org. Sec. GSDFN

7. Hon. Marshal Obuzor- Snr. Special Assistant to the R/S Governor on New media.

8. Space-man of Beat FM. Port Harcourt.

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